Prep your outdoor space for gatherings and good times to come.


With summer in full swing, social events, celebrations, and annual cookouts are likely starting to fill the calendar. To prepare for the busy season ahead, make sure your outdoor living space can stand up to the test.


Consider these five summertime exterior maintenance projects to spruce up your home in time for upcoming weekend plans.


Tend to the yard

If your yard needs a quick makeover, planting flowers, shaping shrubs and adding a fresh layer of mulch are easy ways to enhance the space. And, placing potted flowers around the property – front and back – is a simple way to add pops of color. Mowing the grass and removing weeds (either by pulling them or using a safe weed-killer) can also make any yard look well-manicured.


Touch up the home’s exterior

Pleasant weather means summer is the perfect time to give the exterior of your home some TLC. Washing the outside of your house will help get rid of any dirt buildup that’s accumulated over the past year. For tougher grime, consider hiring professionals to power-wash the siding in a safe and effective manner.


If easily accessible, touch up areas of chipped paint on siding, doors or window frames.


Clean out the gutters

Regularly clearing gutters of leaves and debris is an important step in preventing leaks in your roof and home’s interior. Clogged gutters can also cause rainwater to spill over, which can create puddles along the perimeter of your home.


Plus, standing water is a breeding ground for unwanted insects, like mosquitos. Ensuring your gutters are draining properly can help keep bugs at bay.


Wash outdoor furniture

You don’t want guests dining at a dirty table. Before company arrives, give your outdoor furniture a deep cleaning to remove any leftover pollen, dust or dead bugs – and be sure to leave time for each piece to dry. Take this time to deep clean the interior of the grill, too.


If you have a wooden deck, consider resealing or re-staining the wood to prevent it from rotting.


Stock up on entertaining supplies

Do you have all the items you need to host a backyard gathering, or even just an evening with family? Consider picking up citronella candles for bug prevention, propane or charcoal for the grill, and dinnerware that won’t break when dropped (think paper plates).


Outdoor décor like string lights, refreshed patio furniture or even a fire pit can transform your exterior space from functional to the go-to hangout spot this summer.


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