Tired of the same old same old? While dinner and a movie is a fantastic tried and true classic date, it can easily become monotonous. Shake up your romantic life and try something new with your loved one! These five date night ideas are sure to ignite a spark and keep you wishing that the night would never end. 


Become an Art Critic 


Yes, your date is easily the most beautiful work of art out there, but don’t let that stop you from exploring the halls of your local art museum. Create a playlist of both of your favorites and bring along wireless headphones so you can listen together while you peruse the art. Afterward, discuss your favorite pieces over a drink or an ice cream cone.  


Or Create Something of Your Own 


Discover your inner artists. Check out art studios near you. Try your hand at pottery, fiber works, collaging, or sketching. Paint and sip in a studio or buy your own canvases and paint the same subject at a lovely park. 


Dance the Night Away 


Sweep your date off their feet…literally! Find a club or studio that offers open dance classes and dust off your dancing shoes. Try out a variety of styles: salsa, swing, two-stepping, it doesn’t matter! Just get your bodies moving, your hearts beating, and the conversation flowing!


Ain’t No Mountain High Enough 


The great outdoors is the perfect setting for a little romance. Lace up your hiking boots, fill your backpack, and hit the trail! Pack blankets and a picnic to enjoy at the end of the hike. 


Ultimate Chef Showdown


Food tells a story that words never could. Enjoy a meal where you each prepare a dish that has a history or meaning associated with it. Take each other to the grocery store and lend one another a hand in the kitchen.