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Jan. 19, 2021

Moving Tips

Do you struggle organizing & planning for your move?  Here are some tips that can help. 


1. Take Photos Of Your Belongings Before Packing Them

This is an important tip when you are planning on moving into a new home. Knowing where your items were placed such as your decorations for your room & not wondering where that painting was hanging before. Putting your pictures folders on your phone for specific rooms can help organize that as well. Also if you hire movers, and they break something in the process you have proof of the item before hand in tacked. 

2. Color-Code Your Moving Boxes & Household Items

You could use different colored tape or mark the box with a specific color to categorize your items. Making it easier to distinguish which boxes are which. Going through box after box when you are moving can be a huge hassle, and can waste quite a bit of time when you are trying to find something. Color coordinating all the boxes can eliminate that issue. It would also help if you had a storage unit that you were storing items at and having to go back later on. 

3.Using Foam Pouches For Plates, Bowls, Glassware

The challenge of not breaking fragile items can be a head ace, and a half. A simple way to store those items instead of trying to find old shirt or blankets to wrap them in try a foam pouch that you can slip them into. They come in a 8 pack, and make for those hard to move items a breeze when moving. You can check the foam pouches out at this link here.


4.Getting Rid Of Everything 

Going through all your possessions & filtering out items that you could live without would be a good way to cut back on clutter & things that you just don't need. The moto should be if you haven't worn/ grabbed/ or really looked at it in the last six months you don't need it obviously that doesn't include possessions that you cherish. But starting a life in a new house should be in with the new & out with the old. Donate or sell the things that you don't need, and unclutter you life. 

5.Start Packing Early 

Begin packing as soon as you know it might be a possibility of you buyer or selling. This will help ease the stress when you actually have to move. It's like getting anything done early can help you do it at your own pace rather than rushing the process. It's also suppose to be a good experience rather then one you are arguing with family to pack a certain pace to meet a deadline. 


These are five tips to help with one of the biggest decisions you will make in life. Where do I want to live? Is this going to be our forever home? Home is where you make it! Lets make it the best & find the ways to make life a little easier. 

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Dec. 30, 2020

Popular Home Styles Of 2020


Each year there always seems to be new popular styles that tend to stick around awhile. These three styles were popular during 2020. 

  • All white or all grey decor - This style of home plays into the clean, and fresh look. Homes with this look tended to have all white kitchen decor from white kitchen cabinets to white counter tops. Some have said this style in particular is too sterile looking. It can make your home look fresh & clean. This has been a popular style but it has been said by designers that this look will begin to fade.
  • Farm Style - The farm style homes has been a strong trend in 2020. Here are some common elements reclaimed wood, barnboard details, big comfortable furniture, wrought iron accents, wide plank floors, vintage accessories. This style is all about comfort, and simple decorative pieces. What I have notice is that there is quite a bit of black, and white accent pieces. This style of home is inviting, and might stick around for awhile. 
  • Bold Accent Walls- Accent walls is a fun, creative way to spice up a look in a home. This is going against the grain with typical one color paint walls. Accent walls can really make a look pop when you first walk in. Here are some common accent wall ideas. 1. Large Black Entertainment wall 2. chevron styled textured wall 3. Board and Batten Design 4. Lemon Tree stencil 5. White washed walls. The list goes on. This is a bold look to have in a home, and can really make the decor tie in. 

All three of these looks are great ways to style a home. Each person has their own person style that they like, and that is what defines the individuality of people. A home brings people together, and having a well decorated home that makes people want to be there is important. There is so many ways to decorate so finding your style, and what is going to make you feel comfortable should be the number one goal.

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Dec. 29, 2020

Food For Thought On Investment Properties

Food For Thought On Investment Properties!


  • Are you cut out to be a landlord? - One of the more serious questions when thinking about investment properties. Are you cut out to manage properties. Do you know how to use the contents in a tool box for fixing drywall, unclogging a toilet, their dog ate a hole through the door. What can go wrong will! Being prepared to deal with such things is important. 
  • Secure a downpayment - Investment properties tend to require a larger downpayment rather than primary residential purchases. Typical down percentages are around 20%. Taking that into accountability when looking for investment properties. 
  • Finding the right location- Picking the right location is everything! You want to focus in on areas that are booming, and in high demand for rentals. Cities that the populations are growing, and new business are beginning to pop up are going to be ideal areas to look for. 
  • Beware of high interest rates - Paying attention to high interest rates when applying for a loan is essential due to it potentially eating up too much of your profits. Investment interest rates can be higher than a traditional mortgage loans interest rate. 
  • Factoring in costs - When having investment properties you have unexpected costs such as a roof leak, plumbing leak, etc. Things that you didn't plan on happening, and can catch you by surprise. Setting aside 20%- 30% of your rental income for things that can be a big finical hit if you don't prepare. Yes buying that new car, new motorcycle, or even splurging on new clothes sounds great but it can add up quickly, and not help you plan accordingly to situations like these. Be mindful of setting away a emergency fund. 
  • Are Fixer Uppers a good idea? - This is a good idea if you yourself is handy, and capable of doing repairs. Major fixer upper properties can really eat away at your pockets, and become more of a financial pit than you were anticipating. Hiring contractors to do the work for you can also add up quickly so planning ahead of time on what budget you are working with, and making sure that the invest property is worth the time/ money when all said and done is important. 
  • Operating Expenses - Typical Operating expenses are between 35%-80% of your gross income. So with that being said calculating out what it is going to cost to own the rental, and then figuring out what you need to charge monthly to make a profit should be the first thought. 
  • Knowing your legal obligation - Being a rental owner knowing the landlord tenant laws is not only important for you but your renters as well. There is quite a bit of legality that goes into investment properties so understanding your tenant's right along with your obligations to them should be the first conversation. That way everyone is on the same page, and aware of the contract. 

I hope this helps to keep in perspective the risk but reward in investment properties. Is this right for you? 

July 31, 2017

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