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Find the Ideal Home Near the Best Schools in Eugene

by Sherri Smith

Looking for a great school to send your children?  If you’re planning on buying a home in Eugene, then you no doubt want to find a home near the best schools. has rated the best schools in Eugene according to test scores, reviews, and other criteria.  They gave a rating of 8 out of 10 to 10 schools in Eugene!

Here are the top 3 schools on that list, along with a search for homes near those schools.

Spencer Butte Middle School
500 East 43rd Ave Eugene, OR 97405
(541) 790-8300
Search For Homes Near Spencer Butte Middle School

South Eugene High School
400 East 19th Ave Eugene, OR 97401
(541) 790-8000
Search For Homes Near South Eugene High School

Edgewood Community Elementary School
577 East 46th Ave Eugene, OR 97405
(541) 790-8700
Search For Homes Near Edgewood Community Elementary School

You can use our powerful home search tool to find homes for sale near any school in the Southern Willamette Valley. Or give us a call at 541-284-8083 to find the perfect home near the school of your choice.

Check Out Our Featured Listings in Eugene

by Sherri Smith

If you’re looking to buy a home in Eugene, then check out these two featured listings located on Norkenzie Rd and 8th Ave.  Whether you want to live downtown or in the suburbs, these great homes have what you’re looking for.

1071 W 8TH AVE, Eugene

This vintage home in the heart of Downtown Eugene comes with hardwood floor, arhced entryways, and woodburning fireplace. Also has a finished basement with bath and laundry room and partial kitchen. Its close proximity to the University of Oregon and the Washington-Jefferson St bridge make it the ideal location for students or commuters, as well as being an outstanding investment property.

Visit the property detail page for more info and photos!

2864 NORKENZIE RD, Eugene

Here’s a nice 3 bed, 2 bath home for your family in the desirable Cal Young area - close to Cal Young Middle School and Sheldon High School, Valley River Center, and the Oakway Mall. Comes with gas fireplace, master bed w/ full bath, spacious living room, and 2 car garage. Kitchen comes complete with appliances.

Visit the property detail page for more info and photos!

Find more great homes in the Willamette Valley on our Featured Property page.

Find the Perfect Home at the University of Oregon

by Sherri Smith

One of the many reasons that people move to Eugene is The University of Oregon, home of the Ducks.  Students from all over the world come to learn here at one the best Universities in the nation, if not the world.  The University is the lifeblood of the Eugene area, fueling the economy and certainly its real estate.  Understandably, homes for sale in the University of Oregon community are prime real estate.

Whether or not you’re a student, living in this community has many advantages. If you’re a student, certainly being within walking distance of campus has its obvious advantages.  But if you’re not a student, you still benefit from all the same amenities. 

There’s a vast array of shopping and dining options, both on and near campus. You have the largest book store in Eugene, Smith Family Books.  Just next door is the downtown Eugene area, where you’ll find all manner of specialty stores and restaurants, such as the seasonal Eugene Saturday Market and Farmer’s Market.  Just across the Willamette River is the Oakway Mall and Valley River Center, the largest mall in Eugene.

There’s many great reasons to buy a home in the University of Oregon community. Check out our University of Oregon Real Estate and Community Information page and use our powerful property search tool to Search University of Oregon Homes For Sale.

As we all know, a major ice storm hit the area and took out hundreds of trees and power lines here in Eugene and Springfield. It’s been called one of the most destructive storms in our history. The damage the storm dealt to our power system was widespread, and was made worse by all the fallen trees.  Almost 20,000 EWEB customers lost power on Wednesday, but there are still almost 3000 who are still without power almost a week later. But that’s certainly not due to a lack of effort on EWEB’s part.

In fact the response to this crisis has been massive and unprecedented.  EWEB is being helped by an additional 2 crews from other utilities for a total of 34 crews resorting power. Most crews worked 38 to 40 hour shifts without rest! Finally most of them were sent to for 8 hours to rest, as it’s a dangerous job.

So to all the hard working crews working tirelessly to restore our power, we say a huge thank you, and stay safe!

Buy Your New Home in Eugene - The Emerald City!

by Sherri Smith

Eugene is famous for many reasons. It’s the home of the University of Oregon and the Ducks Football program. It’s famous for its artistic and music community. It’s known as “Tracktown USA” and is where Nike was born.  Eugene is known for its natural beauty and is virtually covered with trees and surrounded by rolling hills.  There’s miles of bicycle trails to not only navigate the city without a car, but to enjoy all its unique features and Willamette River.

If you’re looking to move to a truly unique city, the Eugene certainly fits the bill.  There’s large city amenities, yet a strong sense of community binds Eugenians. 

And if you want to get away to the country, skiing, the coast, or Portland, just pick a direction and start driving.

There are some truly fine homes for sale in Eugene. And make sure to visit our Eugene Community & Real Estate page for more great reasons to move to Eugene, “The Emerald City.”

Here’s a preview of some of the great homes for sale in Eugene right now.

Stay Safe In the Great Outdoors of the Willamette Valley

by Sherri Smith

This time of year is a great time to go for a hike around Eugene and the Willamette Valley.  Oregonians love outdoor activities.  And if you’re new to the area, no doubt you want to get out there and enjoy it as well. But you need to remember that’s it’s easy to get lost or hurt. Right now, two high-profile searches are being conducted for missing people here in Oregon who went missing while hiking.

How can you prepare for enjoying the beauty of the valley and surrounding hills and wilderness, while staying safe?  Here’s 10 things to bring with you that will help.

But first: Tell someone where you’re going and when you plan on returning. If no one knows where you’re going, searching for you will be nearly impossible if something happens to you.

Here’s 10 essentials to bring:

  • Waterproof Matches /Fire Starter
  • Flashlight / Extra Batteries and Bulb
  • First Aid Kit
  • Extra food and water
  • Signaling Device: Whistle or Mirror
  • Map and Compass
  • Emergency shelter: Tarp, Blanket, or Lg. Plastic Bag
  • Extra Clothing
  • Knife
  • Sunglasses and Sunscreen

So enjoy the great outdoors around Eugene and Springfield. And stay safe so you can come back home!

Upcoming Live Events In Eugene

by Sherri Smith

If you’re thinking about buying a home in Eugene, Springfield, Junction City, or the Southern Willamette Valley, then you’ve chosen the ideal place for entertainment and live events. Take a look at some of the upcoming shows featuring major artists happening right here in the Emerald City in the next few weeks.

Ben Folds – Tue, Oct 25 – 8:00, McDonald Theater

Michael McDonald – Tue, Oct 25 – 7:30, Shedd Institute

Chicago & Earth Wind and Fire – Tue, Nov 8 – 7:30, Matthew Knight Arena

About the Venues:

McDonald Theater – McDonald Theater opened in Eugene originally in 1925 as a movie house.  It now serves as a theater and music venue. It also has the distinction if being listed on the National Register of Places.

The Shedd Institute – Also known as The John G. Shedd Institute for the Arts, it is a performing arts company, cultural arts center, and community music school located in downtown Eugene.

Matthew Knight Arena – This recently built basketball arena was built in Eugene by the University of Oregon and is located on its main campus.  The venue regularly hosts major performing artists and of course, U of O Duck basketball.

Don't miss out on a good time when you move to the Eugene-Springfield area. Check back on our blog every week for more moving advice and things that make the Southern Willamette Valley the best place to live.

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