We've certainly been seeing some crazy weather lately here in the Willamette Valley, and it's caught many off guard. And there's probably more to come, if the predictions are correct. Either way, it never hurts to be prepared for next time. Here are some tips that might help you weather out the next crazy winter storm.

Here's what you should do before the storm.

  • Add the following items to your emergency kit:

    • Rock salt to melt ice on walkways

    • Sand for traction

    • Snow shovels

    • Heating fuel

    • Blankets

  • Make a family communication plan in case your family is separated and communication is disrupted.

  • Install a weather alert app on your mobile device if you have one.

  • If a storm warning is in effect, minimize travel.

  • Bring pets inside during extreme cold.

  • Winterize your home.

  • Have plenty of drinking water to last several days without running water.

These are just a few tips, summarized from Ready.gov. Click here for more tips.