There are many great parks in Eugene, but the one that stand out as the best is certainly Skinner Butte Park.  Centered around it’s prominent landmark, Skinner Butte, the park covers over 100 acres along the Willamette River.  The columns climbing area is clearly visible from the busy Washington-Jefferson Street Bridge by the thousands who travel over it every day.  It’s such a central part of the Eugene landscape that we sometime take it for granted.  But the park definitely deserves a closer look.

The historical significance of the park is the foundation of the city of Eugene itself.  The park occupies land claimed by Eugene Skinner back in the 1800’s, making the park the birthplace of the city.

Skinner Butte Park encompasses a wide range of facilities and amenities.  In addition to the butte itself and the climbing area, there’s bike paths, hiking trails, RiverPlay Discovery Playground, Campbell Senior Center, Lamb Cottage, Skinner City Farm community garden, acres of lawn and meadows, picnic areas, and so much more.

RiverPlay Discovery Village Playground is the go-to place for children in Eugene. It combines the history of Eugene in a unique playground environment. The playground is not only a blast for the kids, but teaches them about the culture and history of the area.

All in all, Skinner Butte Park is a recreational treat and a must if you plan on buying a home in Eugene.